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Born In London

Born in London, the city of all seasons, 49 Winters combines tailoring heritage with technical innovation to create an advanced duaL garment system.

The fully customisable, inter-connecting 2-piece system, unites quiet luxury with unrivalled practicality. Ready to react across unpredictable climates and changing landscapes at the flick of a zip, British tailoring expertise, advanced patented technology and the finest materials combine to ensure that form and function are aligned no matter the weather.

A celebration of duality, 49 Winters proudly presents a line of intuitive, adaptable classics handing control over to you, the wearer. Each garment is the embodiment of Style x Science² –  the 49 Winters philosophy is both endlessly adaptable and exceptionally elegant.



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The 49 Winters team have channelled decades of expertise in tailoring and garment manufacturing into a premium collection for men and women. Specialising in outerwear, the London-based founders have lent their skills to some of the biggest names in the industry; an impressive global portfolio reflects both their in-depth knowledge and a long-standing commitment to craftsmanship.

Driven to create something entirely new and of their own, an extensive period of research and development began in 2014. At the core of the project was a desire to focus each design around the consumer’s needs. They envisioned a truly useful collection that would transform with its wearer across the unpredictable seasons; a garment system that could be worn throughout the year. Functionality a primary concern, the team’s experience in the luxury market resulted in an equal commitment to the look and feel of each piece. Two years later, 49 Winters was born. A single product concept pushing the boundaries of premium outerwear.


Simplicity of use underpinned by precision engineering, the 49 Winters Dual Garment System is a customisable outerwear collection fit for all seasons.

As temperatures rise, your 49 Winters product is ready to react in seconds.

1. Unzip the top protective layer and wear alone, patented duaL technologies keeping you dry and cool.

2. Exchange the protective layer for the insulating layer: a smart and lightweight duck down jacket constructed from patented duaL heat-reflecting fabric.

The 49 Winters down jacket is available in a variety of classic shades and is fully compatible with any of the outer jacket styles allowing for endless customisation in both look and wear.